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Kiwis by Beat!

minus!: Part 1


  1. The intro panel, with the text, "minus." The text is stylized all lowercase, with a period. minus is a little girl in a school uniform vest and skirt, with short, brown hair and a small cowlick sticking up. She's kneeling and reaching for a ball on the ground.
  2. minus bounces the ball in the air happily.
  3. Two bullies watch minus play. The first bully says, "Hey, that's the new student playing there, right? Let's go 'join' her, heh heh heh..." The second bully laughs, "Heh heh heh heh".
  4. The ball comes down and bounces, and minus chases after it.
  5. minus is surprised when the first bully catches the ball. "Got it!" he says.
  6. minus holds her hands out for the ball, saying, "Thank you," but the bully holds it up and away from her, saying, "No problem!"
  7. "Here you go!" the bully shouts, pelting minus with the ball and knocking her over. The second bully catches the ball.
  8. Both bullies laugh together as minus lays, face down, on the ground.
  9. minus remains on the ground. The second bully says, "Haha! You see her face? 'Thank you,' she said... then WHAM! Ha ha ha!" Behind him, a root bursts from the ground and snakes into the air.
  10. The root rapid grows, sprouting. A branch wraps around the second bully's leg. Worried, he glances behind himself and says, "Hm?"
  11. "Aa!!" the second bully screams, as the tree wraps branches around his neck, arm, and ankle, lifting him into the air. minus sits up, rubbing her head, as the first bully shouts to his friend, "Hey! What's happening to you!?" The first bully doesn't notice some branches coming up behind him.
  12. "Aa!!" the first bully screams, as a branch curls over his shoulder and around his armpit.
  13. A zoomed-out view. The two trees have ensnared the bullies and lifted them into the air. The second bully cries, "Aaaa!!" and drops the ball, while the first bully yells, "Help!" minus stands between the trees.
  14. The ball rolls over to minus and she regards it without emotion.
  15. minus happily returns to playing, throwing the ball in the air.