A manipulated screenshot of the old website's front page, with a list of comics.

If nothing else, please read minus! and/or The Mildly Inconvenient Journey of Pelen Purul. All of Ryan’s comics are great but those two are truly phenomenal.

A reimagining of the Kiwis by Beat web site by Ryan Armand, pieced together by Michael V. Colianna (GitHub). In most cases, I have tried to keep the names of parts intact per appearance on the original site, whether those were errors by Ryan or otherwise. In some cases I had to guess, though. Feel free to send me a message on Twitter or GitHub if you have any of the missing images, or if you have better names for some of the series/parts.

Since the original domain expired, this is a fan archive of the content from kiwisbybeat.com, based off the hard work of mispy (GitHub). You can view the original site here. It also includes some content from another mirror by KiwiEnquirer (mirror site).

The menu contains the various comics in no particular order – despite the numbering provided by this theme. You can use the arrow buttons to switch between comics. If you're viewing the pages of a single comic, those buttons navigate between the pages of that comic. You should also be able to use your keyboard arrow keys.


2020 Apr 21: Added an image to Socks that was sent to me by bluffy!

2020 Jan 28: Fixed some missing images in part 10 of "Great!" (They somehow didn't make it into the HTML even though they were physically present.) Thanks to the heads-up from dijtro-echo!

2019 Aug 26: Added a few extra images to Socks that were sent to me. Pulled a couple of other images in from mispy's repository.

2019 Apr 13: Added a section for some incomplete/hidden comics that were sent to me.

2019 Mar 11: I've gotten some submissions that fill in a couple of small blanks. However, someone anonymously sent me what looks like the complete "Regarding the acquisition of hats!" children's book that Ryan made! I'll get that and the other small updates in as soon as possible!

2019 Mar 4: The primary goal of this site is to have a reliable hub for the various comics Ryan made until such time as he (hopefully) reappears. The secondary goal is to make the comics more accessible. Any comics with descriptions for screen reader software will be marked as such. As that's an ongoing project, the site has launched and those pieces will be added in. If you would like to contribute image captions for the comics, please reach out!